Is Auto Glass Repair Covered by Insurance?

C-Auto Glass believes that everyone should be aware of the facts concerning auto glass services and insurance claims.

We highly recommend that you take a moment and educate yourselves concerning what rights and options you have as a consumer in Northeast Ohio:

Q: If I file an insurance claim, do I have the right to choose the glass shop that I want to use?

A: Yes. The Ohio Department of Insurance has a comprehensive Motorist Bill of Rights which gives you the absolute right to choose your glass shop.

Q: What is steering?

A: Many insurance companies provide a special name and phone number for glass claims, but they fail to tell you that the phone rings at a national auto glass shop that owns the insurance network.  When you call the number, you may be led to believe that you are speaking with the insurance company when, in fact, you are really speaking to an employee of the glass shop.  When you give them the name of the glass shop you want to use, they may use tactics such as telling you that the company of your choice is “not on their approved list” of providers or that there are no warranties or guarantees.  Be aware of these tactics and know that you do have the right to choose your glass shop which, in most cases, will warranty their work as CAG does.

Insurance Claim Processing

In Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and other Ohio communities, whether you have auto glass coverage depends on the language of your insurance policy. If you have coverage, it may still be less costly to pay out-of-pocket for the auto glass replacement than filing a claim, depending on the amount of your deductible.

Before you file an auto glass claim, you should always:

(1)    Consult your insurance policy to determine your deductible.

(2)    Obtain a quote from a reputable auto glass shop such as C-Auto Glass to determine your
         best course of action.

(3)    Know that under applicable law, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE your glass shop.

At CAG, we can assist you in determining the least costly and most convenient course. In the event it is cost-effective for you to file an auto glass claim:

Take comfort knowing that CAG is a State Certified Collision Repair Facility approved by all major automobile insurance carriers to replace your auto glass.


Remember, our mobile auto glass replacement services can come to you throughout Northern Ohio: in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Lorain, Sandusky, and anywhere in between!