8 Windshield Hacks Every Car Owner Should Know

Having a clear windshield while driving is very important. But as any car owner knows, problems can arise. So what should you do to ensure you don’t run into any problems the next time you can’t scrape the ice off your windshield or fix that scratch until you get to the pros? Here are 8 windshield hacks that every car owner should know! 


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1. Ice, Ice, Baby. 

Hate scraping ice off of your windshield? Spray two parts vinegar and one part water onto the ice and watch it melt right off. 

2. Look East. 

Is your beautiful vehicle covered in ice after a Cleveland-area snow storm? From now on, face your vehicle east to naturally defrost your windshield and the rest of your car every morning. 

3. Have Clear Nail Polish Handy.

Need a quick fix for that cracked windshield? While on your way to getting it repaired, paint both sides of the crack with nail polish to act as an adhesive in the meantime. 

4. Get the Sun Out of Your Eyes.

Do you hate driving with the sun at that perfect angle where its right in your eyes and the visor is no help? Use moveable tinted plastic sheets. Pilots also use these sheets while flying planes. If it works for pilots, it will work great for driving with that stubborn sun glare. 

5. A Spatula Can Help Clean-Up Debris. 

Don’t have a squeegee bin nearby to clean off all the dried bugs and dirt off your windshield? Keep a kitchen spatula in your glove compartment to scrape off any unwanted debris. Chances are; it’s a lot cleaner than that squeegee from the gas station as well. 

6. Erase that Fog.

Foggy windshield? Use a chalkboard eraser to clear it off. It works like a charm every time!

7. Give your Blades a Lift.

Are your wipers constantly getting stuck to your windshield because they are covered in ice and snow? Lift them off the glass before a storm comes and voila, your windshield wipers are in pristine condition every time. 

8. Get the Perfect Mix. 

Looking to get rid of scratches on your windshield? Create a mixture of bug spray, salt, and rubbing alcohol. Dab a bit on a rag and rub it right into the scratch. Watch as the scratch disappears. 

Do you need help with that scratch or crack in your windshield? Or maybe you are looking for more ideas to ensure your visibility safety while driving. We would love to help! Call us or stop by our offices conveniently located in Parma and Cleveland.