8 Steps to Prep Your Car for Summer

Many people think the winter months are harsh on their cars; but in reality, summer weather can be equally as damaging. However, with the right safeguards in place, you can keep your car a well-oiled machine while cruising with the windows down.

Here are 8  tips for keeping your car running smooth in the hot summer months. 

1.  Check Your Radiator! 

Did you know that overheated engines are the largest cause of summertime car breakdowns? The powerful summer heat can put pressure on your cooling systems, so it’s a good idea to check and make sure that your radiator and hoses have not been damaged by the heat. Also, make sure there is no dirt blocking the airflow around your radiator and check to see if the cap on your radiator has been damaged. Always make sure that your engine has had time to cool down before checking for damage!  

2. Keeping Your Engine Cool  

After you have checked for radiator damage and thoroughly cleaned your radiator, you should make sure that it has the proper amount of coolant in it. The reservoir of your radiator should be half full with a 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water. After you check the coolant, you can skip this step the next time you prep your car for summer because the radiator coolant should only need to be changed every 2 years. 

3. Battery Check 

The next step is to check your battery! During the summer months, it is not uncommon for your battery fluids to evaporate and cause damage to the internal parts of the battery. You should check and make sure that the water level in the battery’s cells are filled just below the cell’s inspection hole. If you find that the water levels in the cells are low, you can add more distilled water until the water level is in the correct position. You can also do a quick cleaning of your battery to ensure that dirt and residue are not acting as a conductor and draining power from your battery. 

4. Tire Inspection  

Anytime there is a change in temperature, your car’s tire pressure will also change. Since summer is upon us, it’s time to check your tire pressure! Make sure that your tires don’t have any damage and also check to make sure that they have good tread, because hot asphalt is sure to worsen most tire damage. Also, if you have a set of winter tires that your fashion your car with, make sure to remove them and switch back to summer tires!  

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5. Is Your AC Working Properly? 

After the winter months, your AC may be acting weak or not working at all. Most times if you check your condenser for damage and clean it, your AC will be up and running in no time. If a throughout cleaning doesn’t do the trick, check the belt in your compressor because you may be low on Freon and need a refill. If this is the case, it is better to have a professional refill the Freon because levels must be on point. 

6. Wax on, Wax off  

The summer sun may cause your paint to fade and peel, but you can put a stop to the damage if you wax and wash your car! Damage to your car’s paint doesn’t just cause cosmetic damage, but it can also cause damage to the aluminum body of the car because the paint acts as a shield. 

7. Time for an Oil Change?

Did you know that you should change your oil every 3,000 miles? Why not start off your summer with an oil change to ensure your car is in tip-top shape? If you have a long commute to work or school or put your car through taxing activities, you should definitely check your oil because it’s probably time for a change.  

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8. Change your wiper blades 

Did you know that overheated engines are the largest cause of summertime car breakdowns? With all the salt and snow your car went through this past winter, chances are that you used your wiper blades a lot to clear it all off. Replace your blades with fresh new rubber ones and enjoy a clear view all summer long.

If you have any questions or think you may need your car inspected after the harsh winter months, contact your local mechanic or dealership. And remember,if you have any concerns regarding your windshield, contact C Auto Glass.