Car Maintenance to Keep You Safe On the Road

When keeping your car in check, there are things you must check on every month, three months, and six months. If you follow these maintenance tips, your car will be running smooth for years to come! 

Things to Keep an Eye On Every Month

There are a few things you need to keep an eye on monthly to make sure your car is running at peak performance. Every month, you should check your oil levels and look for any leaks. If your oil is too low, or if you have a leak, you can change it or fix the leak yourself or bring your car to an auto shop where they can take care all of your repair needs. You should always check your tires for any damages, bulges or uneven wear, and make sure your tire pressure matches your vehicle's needs. This will ensure the durability of your tires and in turn ensure your safety. Also, you should have a specialist check your hoses and belts for any damage, check your coolant and antifreeze for leaks and pressure levels, and check your air filter to see if needs to be changed. 

Every Three Months

After 3 months, you should still be doing your monthly oil check, but there are many other things to inspect. You should check your windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid and add more if needed In the case of your transmission fluid, you would need to bring your car to a specialist to have them level out your fluid for you. Also, you should make sure your battery terminals and cables are clean and not being corroded and make sure your lights and turn signals are in working order. 

Biannual Check Ups

Every six months, you should take your vehicle into a specialist to check your brakes for wear and tear, your shocks to make sure they do not have any oil seepage or wear, and your exhaust system for any broken parts or rust. At home, you can check your wiper blades to see if they are worn and need to be replaced and your inspect your spare tire to see if it needs to be inflated. 

If you follow these tips every month, three months, and six months, your car will be in tip top condition and operating at its full potential. Also, these tips will help ensure your safety and the safety of those that enter your vehicle as well.