Safety Tips for Kids & Pets

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Driving in the car with kids and pets can amplify distractions. But, those are who you want to keep the safest while on the road. You can’t explain to dogs or toddlers the danger of riding in a car. The older your kid gets, the better they understand the importance of car safety, but it’s your job to keep them safe.

For Pets:

You may have seen pet car seats on the market, and even chuckled a bit at how they look, but there’s no denying their effectiveness. In a AAA study, 1 in 5 respondents admitted to taking their hands off the wheel to stop a pet from jumping into the front seat.

The best thing you can do, is securely crate your dog. This is important for short and long trips in the car. This can provide comfort and security for your animal, especially if they are nervous and not used to car rides. Here is a list of the top 5 car seats for dogs.


Did you know that a law was passed allowing people to “break-into” cars that have dogs locked inside? According to NBC News, even in the shade cars can get up to 10-20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature.


It is crucial not to leave your dog in a turned-off car no matter what. If you decide to take your car out for a spin, please make sure that your furry friend can go with you.

For Kids:

Kids are easy to keep safe while in a car seat. It is when they outgrow car seats and booster seats that you need to educate them on the importance of vehicle safety.

Here are some common safety tips about having kids in the car (according to

  • Any child under the age of 13 should sit in the backseat

  • The AAP recommends all infants ride in rear-facing car seats

  • After any accident (even a minor fender-bender) you should get a new car seat

  • Set a good example for your children - make sure you are always wearing a seatbelt

Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help when installing a car seat.

Did you know that you can go to a hospital or a fire station for help? You don’t want to take any chances with car seat safety - better safe than sorry, right?


To minimize the kids from distracting you, it’s always a good idea to keep activities in the car. Keeping things like snacks and games in the backseat to give them...before you start driving! You can entertain your kid for short or long car rides that will better help you focus on the road.

Hitting the Road

You can never 100% prevent disaster. You can only take the precautionary steps to ensure minimal amounts of damage. Be a responsible driver, you can only control your actions. The steps you take before you get in the car, and what you do behind the wheel, can save many lives (humans and pets alike).