The Need-to-Know Lights on your Dashboard

Sometimes there are things we don’t understand about our cars. There are many lights on your dashboard that can light-up at any time. Some of them are more pertinent than others, but you should never ignore your car’s way of communicating that something is wrong.

Here are some of the important signs from your car:


check engine lightCheck Engine Light:

Please do not ignore this light in your car! This means that you need to take your car in for a professional to scan the car and ensure everything is running properly.

oil1Oil Pressure Light:

This light means it is time for an oil change. Changing your oil is something that you can do yourself or bring into the pros. It is important to attend to your car’s oil in a timely manner, because the consequences can be fatal to your car.

Washer Fluid ReminderWindshield Wiper Fluid:

Although it isn’t a life or death situation if the light comes on, it is important to change your windshield wiper fluid - especially in the winter months.

tire pressureTire Pressure Light

The tire pressure light indicates an issue that you may be able to see. When this light comes on, make sure you walk around your car and check each of your tires. You may identify the problem right away, and run up to a gas station to fill up your tires.

Note: A lot of times this light will come on as a sensor-trip when the weather changes. But it is still important to make sure everything is in order.

807057hrBrake System Light:

Another light you won’t want to ignore. You need to take your car in immediately if you see this light come on - you don't want to be out of the road with anything wrong with your brake system!