Auto Glass Repair FAQ

Do you have questions about windshield repair? We've answered some of the most common windshield repair questions below. If you happen to have a question that isn't answered, feel free to give us a call at 866.351.2193 or click on one of our service center links to contact the location nearest you.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Auto Glass & Windshield Repair

  • Can my windshield be repaired?
    It's hard to give a general answer to this question, but if the damage is roughly the size of a quarter or smaller, chances are your windshield can be repaired. For a more definitive answer, or to set up an appointment, click here.

  • Do you offer a guarantee with your windshield repairs?
    Yes! We guarantee all our windshield repairs to stop the damage from spreading. If in the rare case your windshield repair fails, we'll credit the cost of the repair towards a windshield replacement.

  • Will the windshield repair make the damaged area invisible?
    The windshield repair process won't make the damage go away completely, but it will greatly reduce the appearance of small cracks, bubbles, and rock-chips.

  • Why can't other glass be repaired?
    Windshields are able to be repaired because they are made from different glass than the other auto glass on your vehicle. The windshield is laminated safety glass which prevents shattering in the event of a collision by allowing the glass to sustain damage and still be held together by the laminate. The glass in your door, for instance, will most likely shatter when impacted by a rock because it's tempered glass.

  • Does my windshield really protect me?
    Yes. The windshield is a major part of your vehicle’s safety restraint system, constituting a substantial portion of the structural integrity of the passenger compartment. It plays an important role in roof-crush protection in a rollover accident and provides a brace for your passenger-side air bag.

  • Are your technicians certified?
    Yes. Our technicians are SIKA™ and ADCO™ certified in OEM standards and procedures, the mechanics of automotive glass removal, replacement and technical specifications, and comprehensive retention systems.

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