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Things To Consider When Choosing Mobile Auto Glass Services In Northeast Ohio

An informed decision is a good decision. That's why at C-Auto Glass we want to help you understand the pitfalls that some vehicle owners fall into when deciding who to call for your mobile auto glass service needs. With so many companies offering mobile services, it's hard to know who is reputable and who isn't. Below you'll find some questions every vehicle owner should ask themselves before calling a mobile technician to come out when you need auto glass replaced or a windshield repaired.

Finding Mobile Auto Glass Service

Many times when a windshield breaks, the owner will call the first glass shop they find only to discover that auto glass and flat glass are two separate industries. In other cases, people will call their local auto body repair shop and bring their vehicle there for service. What these people probably don't know is that many body shops don't actually provide auto glass or windshield services; they simply bring in an auto glass technician from another company, pay them to do the work, and then charge you a little extra.

One of the best ways to find windshield or auto glass service is to ask/look around. Rather than just calling the first shop you find, ask your friends, your family, or look online to find a shop that specializes in mobile auto glass replacement and windshield repairs in your area. Once you've found a shop, check out their website to see what kind of services they offer, if they have any specials, and if they mention the quality of their auto glass materials.

Knowing Which Auto Glass Shop To Trust

Once you've found a couple of mobile windshield experts, take some extra time to compare them. A good place to start would be to ask the following questions:

  1. Does the shop offer both windshield repair and replacement?
  2. Has the company been in business for more than 5 years?
  3. Are the technicians certified to install auto glass?

Hopefully, you're able to answer yes to each of these questions.

1. Unfortunately, it's extremely easy to get into the mobile windshield repair business. In fact, anyone with a couple hundred bucks and a repair kit can start their own LLC and call themselves a legit repair company. However, if your windshield repair tech only offers repairs, chances are it's due to inexperience.

2. In the mobile auto glass industry, like many others, companies come and go all the time. If the company you're talking to has not been in business for at least 5 years, it might be wise to choose an alternative company that's been around a little longer.

3. Industry certifications indicate glass-specific professional training and a commitment to the industry. If someone takes the time to be certified in auto glass or windshield service it shows they take their profession seriously. Look for shops that are not only AGSC registered, but certified by AGSC following an independent third-party audit.
Ask to see the shop's certificates that look like this:
Certificate of Compliance - Auto Glass Safety Council